Episode 28- “A Conversation with Brianna Greenspan.''

In this episode, I talked to Brianna Greenspan, and she shared all about her journey from growing up with a chronic illness, to overcoming all her limiting beliefs and being able to turn her experiences into huge nuggets of life lessons.

Brianna Greenspan is a chronic illness advocate, mentor for teens and young adults with chronic illnesses, author, and Genetics Consultant at Gene By Gene, a genetic testing company based in Houston, Texas.

Since being diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder, Brianna has been using the power of positive affirmations and powerful mindset shifts to overcome the inherent obstacles of her condition.

She is passionate about nature, sustainability, wellness, advocacy work, and inspiring others to achieve their goals. Her life's work is centered around using her superpower as a master connector to facilitate all the good she can in collaborative settings to uplift global well-being mainly focused on medical genetics and education.

See you in Episode 29!

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Mariana  0:00  

Welcome back, everyone to the Mindfully Recharged podcast with your host Mariana Thomas. In today's episode, a very special guest, Brianna Greenspan. She's a chronic illness advocate. Brianna is a mentor for teens and youth adults with chronic illnesses. Brianna is an author and a genetic consultant at Gene by Gene, which is a genetic testing company based in Houston, Texas. I don't want to tell you more, because I want you to continue listening. This is going to be a great episode that you do not want to miss. So get listening, and I'll see you there.


Intro Speaker  0:51  

Welcome to Mindfully Recharged with Mariana Thomas. In this podcast, Mariana brings you mindful conversations and people that will develop and recharge you from the inside out so that you can increase productivity in your personal and professional life. This is Mindfully Recharged.


Mariana 1:12  

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Mindfully Recharged podcast. And today's episode, the beautiful, beautiful and amazing Brianna Greenspan. You guys, this woman is amazing and you are going to absolutely love her. So let me introduce her right now so you don't have to wait any longer. So welcome, welcome, Brianna. How are you, friend? Good to be here with you today. 


Brianna 1:48

Hi Mariana, so good to see you here today. Thanks so much for having me. 


Mariana 1:51

Oh, my God. It's a pleasure, an absolute pleasure. And I can't wait to get this conversation going. Because I feel like this episode is going to be so valuable to the audience. There is so much that I love about you, Brianna. From the moment I met you, I knew that there was something so special, so special about you. And it has been, I believe now three to four weeks together in the medical room. And I mean, I just want to share you with my audience. So Briana, where does this story begin? Let's get to it. Let's not have the audience waiting for this amazing story. Because you are unbelievable. So Brianna, tell us where to begin.


Brianna 2:48  

Oh my gosh, there's so many beginnings in what you just shared, first of all, the beginning of our friendship. I like absolutely just divinely stumbled upon you and knew that we were destined to be soul sisters. And it's been a beautiful unfolding. And so I'm grateful for you asking me to share a little bit about my story and where it all began. And I will just briefly say that I was born with a series of complex situations going on. And so year after year, as other kids were joining, you know, their after-school things and their sports things and their teams… I was always visiting doctors and complaining a lot. 


Mariana 3:40

What was wrong with you, Brianna?


Brianna 3:44

Oh, I mean, this is my whole life. So I never stopped in terms of the progression. I never stopped crying until I could talk. By the time I could talk. It was like “Ouch, Bobo problem”. And then I, you know, started getting more articulate. And then was saying like, “It’s my eyes. It's my feet. It's my leg. It's my” - you know, and there was just so much chronic inflammation. And there were so many complications happening. And the western response was medications, assistive devices, and limiting beliefs. So there was just like, here's a spoonful of you can't, here's a spoonful of you won't, here's a spoonful of you'll never, and also here's a prescription. And also, here's you know, a suggestion for surgery, a suggestion for this. And so by the time I was 19 -


Mariana 4:36  

That is so important. Let's stop right there because I don't know if you guys just heard that. But when she was growing up as a child, there were negative things put into her mind right away. You know, here it is. It said, “you can’t”, you know you can't and here it is a little pill and you can kind of take care of yourself on the surface. So I just want the audience to just pay attention really, really well to this.


Brianna 5:09  

You're absolutely right. And this is something that I wasn't even aware of, until I, many years later was introduced to affirmations and positive mindsets and creating new neural pathways. And I was like, “Oh, my gosh, my entire childhood was a series of limiting beliefs boxing me in, and they were other people's opinions that I then owned”. And so it was really my own doing because I didn't know any better than I was saying, “Yes, I agree”. And I take that on. And so when somebody asked me, it was “I have, I won't, I can't, I'm not capable”. Versus you know, “the doctor said, however, I'm gonna try.” You know, it was, I just was unaware that we are so powerful beyond measure, and that we are capable of so much more than what anyone else thinks we are capable of, because we get to determine what we're capable of. And so that awareness wasn't even present until my 20s.


Mariana  6:14  

My, and I want to ask you something right there, Breanna is like, even though you were a child, given all these negative thoughts and negative affirmations. Were your parents there, were they following what these people were advising for you? I mean, because you know, when we’re a child, we just follow what the adults are saying, right?


Brianna 6:43  

Oh, yeah. So my parents were there. And for sure, we're just following along. Like, my mom. And it's not like my mom. But like, the generation before our generation was taught: you have a problem, you go to the doctor, they have an answer. And you listen respectfully to what they say. And you're grateful for the advice they give you. And so this was the mindset we were in, there was no, like, “let's get a second opinion or third opinion, a fourth opinion, let's, you know, push that envelope,” so to speak, it was just like, “Okay, oh, go do that, you know, oh, go to the pharmacy and fill that prescription. I'll have her start taking that tomorrow.” You're saying that she needs that. And there's no fault of my parents. But like, in my awareness. Now, I know that there were so many missteps. For instance, when I was 12, I had just this horrific pain, it was just such nonsense. And the orthopedic surgeon said we need to brace you, we need to do hardshell bracing. And so I had this back brace that went all the way from the top of my rib cage, all the way down my leg, and they put a metal bar from the top of my rib cage to my knee. And I walked with a limp, not because I had a limp. But because they created one, thinking that it was going to fuse my spine that was cracked. And I had to wear it 23 hours a day, every day, seven days a week for months and months and months and months in it. The first one was nine months. And the second one was shorter, it didn't have the leg component. But it was another seven months. And I just remember when I, you know became an adult. And when I started being like a holistic researcher and started becoming very mindful of the things that I was incorporating into my modalities. I met some of the physicians from my care team as a child, and they had actually expressed that the knowledge that they were going upon, had evolved. And they've now learned that the treatments that they had, you know, suggested when I was younger, were no longer applicable, because they've now learned more about the body and it was just, it was comical to me to witness, you know that my opinion of Western physicians, my opinion of physicians is drastically different than it used to be. I love and respect and appreciate all that people do to help and nurture and heal people in various ways. And I'm also aware that our intuition guides a lot of what we know is best for ourselves, and that it's not just okay, but it's totally applicable and appropriate to ask questions, not just to mindlessly say “yes, give That wheelchair? Yes, I’ll take that oxycodone. Yes to the neck brace. Yes to the surgery”. It's like, I want to ask some questions about that. 


Mariana 10:08

Exactly, and do our own research right? Do our own research. So they were kind of experimenting with you as well? 


Brianna 10:21  

Well, it's so interesting that you say that because I often, you know, quietly joke that my whole childhood was a little experiment. It was like a little medical experiment. And they were like, “here's the shot, here's this assistive device, here's this medication”, then they'd go to my parents and say, “Oh, she needs this, she's suffering”. And I was suffering, yet we talk about it a lot in the Miracle Morning Room and our friend Leslie hosts this other room and Clubhouse, the Heal Yourself Naturally Room. And what's so fascinating is that there's now a whole category of rituals, modalities, habits, practices, therapies, Eastern medicine, that can help with the symptoms, can reduce the inflammation can really help us to recharge ourselves. When you talk about, you know, “mindfully recharge yourself” - there's so much that goes into that. Yet, if we are dulled out and dimmed out, my light was dimmed. And I didn't even know that I was contributing to that by saying yes to those that didn't have the awareness of what my real needs were.


Mariana 11:36  

And you know, one thing that just came out for me, Brianna, as you were speaking, is that when you demonstrated what they were putting in your body, you know, from here down, and all this stuff, I just felt like you were trapped. You know, you were trapped in your mind and your body., and probably in your soul. 


Brianna 12:03

That's exactly what it was. 


Mariana 12:05

Yeah. So when I heard you're saying, and I can't wait to get into this. One day, I heard you saying “I was muted”. And now that you explained that, it feels like “yeah, that contributed to being muted”. You know, a little bit. So it's like, you know, those things that sometimes we call trauma. And we go back and we say “Okay, but where is that trauma?” It could be in many places throughout our lives, based on our experiences that we don't identify them until we start speaking about it. You know, it started coming out with all those things that we encountered when we were growing up. And that just came out for me. So you definitely need to write another book that has to talk about all of these. How did you unmute yourself and how you started being muted since you were a child. It’s not because you can’t speak, but because they were muting you by trapping you into something that you weren't. So Brianna, how did you come out of that? Like, what was the first step that you took to freeing yourself from that?


Brianna 13:40  

It’s so crazy that you're asking me this. So I will just say, there's so much that goes into this conversation and you are absolutely so right about the ways that I was boxed and muted. And from a mind-body and soul perspective, I was really in such a dark place that I wasn't really able to express myself. And I wasn't really able to stand up for myself. And I will just give a side tangent the day I met Dr. Jill, she hopped up on stage and she said, “I have to speak right now I know you're meant to write a book. I know the title!” And I just politely said, “Okay, sounds great. Do you want to direct message me about it? And we could talk off lunch?” … “No, I don't. I have to tell everyone! You're meant to write a book called Unmuted! And you're going to tell everyone the story that you haven't shared”. And so literally the fact that you're asking me this question right now. It's like this nudge in the right direction that I'm recognizing that who I was, was not well-received. There were kids that were very, very cruel. It was like a really uncomfortable unfolding to be the kid in a back brace to be the kid who was sick to be the kid that, you know, whatever those narratives were. And everybody has challenges as a kid, everybody's like, you know, the reason why they were bullied or the reason why they felt less than is, you know, different. But, you know, basically, almost all of us have that feeling. Yet for me, I really recognized that there was a difference and a separation between me and the kids at school, me and my peers. And they very loudly, let me know that there were differences. And as a result, I didn't really, I wasn't very engaged in school. And that had, there were other factors, like, I missed a lot, I missed a lot of school. And I can clearly remember that, after the first grade, I never raised my hand ever again in my entire life. And, you know, Masterminds, Zoom meetings, in the audience at a conference, at a board meeting, at a nonprofit advisory meeting, nothing. I just, I was the girl that sat very quietly, I found myself in many, many rooms, offered many opportunities. And I turned down every speaking gig, every, you know, podcast, I turned all that down. Yet, I would say yes to being in spaces. But I wouldn't contribute in any way. I was just sitting there muted. And I'll just fast forward. November of last year, I had a very traumatic incident, where somebody of immense prestige, I was part of a global task force to better the planet. And someone with immense prestige, asked me a very pointed question, and I gave them a very articulate and authentic, and mindful answer, and they did not appreciate it. And the response was, they started to bully me, and then manipulate me, and then ostracize me. And then they tried to mute me. And something inside of me unlocked. And I asked myself, how can you possibly expect others to not mute you if you mute you. And I had this very clear visualization, that I hadn't raised my hand since the first grade, like, I didn't know where that came from. And then when I asked myself that question, I saw myself muting myself, opting-out, staying in the background, staying in the background, staying in the corner, like literally being the wise, quiet one. And if you ask me one on one, if you would say, “Hey, you didn't speak in that meeting, but I'd like to know your opinion”. “Sure, happy to help”. Yeah. I really had to look within myself, and ask myself, where did that first come from? And a lot of that had to do with the physical challenges that I experienced


Mariana 18:17  

And you know, the fact that you asked yourself that question. You know, it reminds me, I asked myself questions every night before I go to bed. And when you do that, you get the answer. You get the answer. It's almost like boom, yes, there you are. And that's exactly what you did, Brianna, you asked yourself a critical question. And you got a critical answer. And that was a critical answer and a defining moment in your life when you unmute yourself.


Brianna 18:55  

Yeah, well, actually, I would call that, this critical question was the beginning of my unfolding. Because from there, that was where the real work began. I recognized how long I've been in this pattern. And then I started to ask myself other questions like: 


What could you create or co-create, if you recognize that your voice had had a purpose? If you recognize that your voice mattered? 

What would be made possible by you unmuting yourself in terms of supporting the trajectory of the planet's consciousness? 

How might you support elevating the consciousness of humanity by coming out of your shell? 


And these various ways that I was asking myself these questions, I started to put my foot in the pool of like, “Oh, okay, maybe I'll say something. Oh, they just called on me. Instead of leaving the room or, you know, putting my camera on zoom. Maybe I'll say something”. And it was a little unfolding and unfolding and unfolding. And then eventually, I hosted a Clubhouse Room, and then I hosted another, I actually co-hosted one because I was so nervous, a co-hosted one with this amazing girl. And then the next day I hosted my own. And from there, I started to build confidence, use my voice, and make a positive difference in the world in a way that I, you know, the thing is, I have been making a pretty big impact in various spaces for the last, you know, 15 plus years. It's been minimal in comparison to what's possible when I stop hiding.


Mariana 20:45  

So there's an impact that you can make. Yeah. And, you know, I was thinking when you created contests for yourself, by opening that room, you know, with someone first, you know, it's like, do it with someone. So you created a contest, and then you say, “I’m ready to jump, I'm ready to jump in the pool. And I'm going to do it as scared and I'm going to, you know, build my wings on my way down, and the wings that you have now, girl, look at the community that you are building, look at the people that comes in every single day, to listen to you first because they come. That room, that community is there because of you, none of us will be there without you. And even when you're not, I remember the other day, you had something really important to do with all the amazing things that you do that we're going to get to it in a minute. And even though, you know, Michael and Dr. Jill did an amazing job, I just feel that something was missing. You know, I could feel that something was, you know, it's like when you're putting the puzzle together, you know, something was missing. And that thing was you because you're the glue of it, you're the glue of everything in there. And I just want you to take that from my heart, it is true. I'm not saying that just because I'm looking at you right now. I'm looking at your beautiful face, and you guys can’t see her but she's gorgeous. You know, and it's so true. And it was a beautiful room that day. But I've told myself, you know, I'm missing Brianna, I'm missing her. She's the one that glues us all together.


Brianna 22:44  

I'm so grateful for you, and I take that. And that was a pivotal moment for me because one of our community members asked me to facilitate a mastermind for military veterans. And he said, “How could you possibly inspire people who are consistently surrounded by those that are the most broken, the most traumatized, the most torn? How could you bring some of the positivity and the inspiration and the articulate radical transformation tools that you share every day? Could you bring them to this group of guys so that they can bring it to a huge audience of veterans?” And I said yes. And then I was very nervous. And then I had every excuse, especially when they scheduled it during the Clubhouse Room, and I had every excuse to say no, to back out, to be in limiting belief mode. And then I knew that how could I not serve those who really need it, especially when they ask?


Mariana 23:57  

Yes, but here's the thing. Here is why you're such a great leader. What Lesley said the other day is, “When you need to take a break, we got you”, we got you and what you have done is that you have built other leaders, you know, I feel like I can, I can be there supporting and I can represent you, you know, and as well as the ones that took on the room that day. So that’s because your leadership has allowed that to happen. So you can say “Yeah, I can escape for two hours a day and do this to go and make a bigger impact in another community, you know, or the same impact in another community”. And that's going to continue to happen because of that. And that just beautiful. So Brianna, what is your expertise like what we're talking about in Miracle Morning, what is the nine to five or the real job like people call it?


Brianna 25:12  

I'm going to give you three answers. So my real job, my real mission on Earth, is to do all the good I can at all the times I can for all the beings I can as often as I can, as long as I can. And like that is my North Star. That is my 24/7 job. And then I have like, my salary jobs, one I'm a co-author and the co-author of The Miracle Morning Art of Affirmations, which is a positive affirmations coloring book that teaches families how to create structured morning routines. And it's really centered around creating a new conversation in your own head, and a new neural pathway, one that's going to be empowering versus disempowering. So things like “I’m ready and committed to make this my best year ever. I am where I am, because of who I was, where I go depends entirely on who I choose to be. I give up being perfect for being authentic. I am creating the life of my dreams.” Kind of those types of affirmations is all featured in the coloring book. Because our highest hope is that people want to color them so that they're in practice understanding these three mindfulness skills of sensory clarity, and equanimity and concentration power, which all working together is the definition of mindfulness. And when they tear out the pages, which is always my highest hope, like I do not want the book to be fully covered, colored, and you just like leave it in there. My highest hope is that you tear out each page, you frame it, you put it in your office, on your mirror, in your locker, your desk, whatever, the back of your door, your fridge, whatever, so that every single time you pass that high traffic area, your subconscious is paying attention, because you need to say or read something 10,000 times in order to shift your subconscious thinking. And so let's say you do a Miracle Morning, and you say affirmations every day. Okay, that's cool. But let's say you do it every day for a year, you're only going to actually say, you know, 365 to 700, maybe 1500 affirmations that year. And that's not going to get you where you want to go. And so if you have things in your environment, elevating your environment, in order to shift your subconscious programming, in order to create a new neural pathway, like that's actually possible, by putting things in our environment. And so the coloring book was really just a positive psychology workbook that we disguise so the people could really create new neural pathways. 


Mariana 28:05  

I absolutely love that. And as you were sharing that I'm just picturing myself like coloring, and putting it in my door and everything. And so we are going to let you know later where to find this affirmation book. And you're going to be able to find that on the show notes, so just stay tuned for that. As Brianna was sharing that you just feel her passion about this, and I hope that you are listening really intensively to her share because that was just beautiful. And so is this part of your morning routine as well, Brianna, because I have an intense morning routine. And I want to know yours. What is your morning routine? And what will you recommend for the audience to do?


Brianna 29:00  

Okay, well. So, yes, affirmations are part of my morning routine. And I have a pretty flexible morning routine. The only thing that's not flexible is that no matter what each and every morning, I'm giving myself some time and space to pour into me. And that is normally some version of habit stacking. And so it's affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, meditation journaling. In the Miracle Morning, we call it the Savers, we've got an order that nobody really follows. But silence, affirmations, visualizations, exercise, reading, and scribing. And people just like, you know, pick which ones they want to start with and then do whatever they want. But, you know, for me, every day is different depending upon how I wake up. And I really recommend that people figure out what are the things that light them up, give them the most energy, what are the things that if they could do it every day, or do it once a week, do it once a month, what would that be? And so, I have stacked my toolbox, if you will, with so many different practices, whether it's going on a bike ride, or you know, going on a walk around the block and taking pictures of flowers, or when you went kayaking today. And so, you know, depending upon how I'm feeling, I add in different practices, depending upon what, what season it is, depending upon where I wake up, you know, there are so many variables, but now the non-negotiable -


Mariana 30:35  

I love that. I love that. Because, you know, sometimes people don't do morning routines because they feel like they have to do it in order, or it has to be a certain and a specific thing. You know, yeah, I just love how you are saying, you know, pick what is convenient to you, or pick what you like. The Saviors give you so many choices, pick one, pick one, which one do you want to do today? You know, what is your body asking for? Right? 


Brianna 31:11  

This is the question, what is your body asking for? And honestly, what you just said in there, the majority of society is living in the limiting belief narrative. So they're saying, “Because what I do doesn't look like what Mariana does, I'm not good enough. I shouldn't even try”. Yet, when we really look at it, what you're doing and what I’m doing might look different than what you do as long as it works for you. And if what I do works for me, like Josh, my fiance, he reads a book. I'm actually, not that good at reading. I'll be honest, I listen to audiobooks. Sometimes I read a book. But most of the time, I'm listening to an audiobook. And if that works for me to consume knowledge, great. So I would normally like to get on the elliptical and listen to an audiobook, whereas he will sit. And he will read a book after he meditates. Yet, the beauty and the simplicity of feeling comfortable in our own skin, is that we're no longer playing the comparison game. And so it's no longer “I shouldn't try because I can't be as good as x”. Instead, it's, “Well what if I tried today, and I got a more fulfilling or more meaningful result than I did yesterday”. 


Mariana 32:35  

And you know, the beauty of that is that everybody is so different. We had different, you know, me as this consultant, I know that there are people with different personality styles. And you know, some people are more shy. So other people are more extroverts, they want to go to the gym and be with people. Or they just want to go to the park and walk by themselves, they don't want to go into a gym, and work out and sweat with a bunch of people. You just got to do what works for you. And that will make you succeed, that will make you accomplish what you need to accomplish for your morning routine. So one thing that I want to ask you, Brianna, is what was the biggest component for you to overcome your biggest obstacle, which was, you know, overcoming, your diagnosis, and, you know, and not being able to feel good when you were a little girl and going through all the challenges. What was the biggest thing that made a difference in your life? 


Brianna 33:54  

That’s a good question. You just took me back. Okay, so I'm gonna tell you a little story. When I was 19 years old, I had lost the ability to walk. And I was struggling in college, I was a sophomore in college. And I was supposed to fly home to see a neurosurgeon. And that night, in college, one of my dearest friends, OD’d and died. And the next morning - (from prescription medications that were not meant for him). And the next morning, I went to see my neurosurgeon. And he said that my surgery… I was a “medical anomaly”, and my surgery didn't work. They didn't understand why I was having so many problems. And then they said, but here's an assistive device and some medication to support you. And a light bulb went off in my head when I realized that the medication that my friend had died from was the same medication that they had prescribed to me the next day. And I just casually said, you know, “Couldn't these drugs kill me?” They said, “Oh, honey, this is medication, you need this. It was made for people who are suffering the way you are”. And I said, “My friend just died from this”. “Are you sure?” And this was a moment, this was the moment this was the spiritual awakening if you will. And so right after this moment, my parents pulled me out of college. And they put me through a 378-hour therapy program with this gentleman named Brian. And the day, like the day we met, he said, “I need to talk to you and I need to talk to you alone”. He took me in it, it took me to a room. And he said, “I have a question for you. And don't take it the wrong way. But I'd like to know, do you want to be sick?” And I was like, “What are you talking about? What kind of question is this?” I was not pleased. And I was like, “No, I don't want to be sick”. And he said, “Okay, I just want to clarify, that if you subconsciously like the attention that you get from being sick, what I'll do with you won't work. But if you genuinely are looking to create a new path for yourself, forge a new path, then the modalities that I introduce you to are going to really support you”. So fast forward, he really gave me a swift kick in the butt. And he said, “You know, if like your whole life, you've just been listening to the limiting beliefs in your head. What if you created limitless beliefs? What if you really showed up differently?”, and this was foreign to me, I didn't know about limiting beliefs. I didn't know about affirmations I didn't know about anything alternative or Eastern. And I quite frankly, wasn't really vibing with him. I thought he was like, just nonsense. I thought the whole thing was nonsense. 


Mariana 37:14

This was never introduced to you. This was new. 


Brianna 37:17

Well, not only was that never introduced to me. But I had a really bad track record for success. And so everything I tried didn't work. And so he said, “Do you believe that I can help you?” And I said, “No, not at all”. And he said, “Do you believe anything is out there that can help you?” I said, “Yes. It’s my highest hope”. And he said, “Has it ever occurred to you, that your limiting belief that, you know, I and all the other things that you've tried weren't gonna work before you tried them, and you made that come true?” I was like, “What are you talking about?” And he said, “Well, whether you believe that I can help you or not, if you really hold on to the belief that something is out there that can help you, then that is the guidance, that is the North Star that you need. In order to open up a world of possibilities where something does click, something does work”. And this really opened up my eyes to the fact that I pre-judged every single modality, every single shot, every single medication, every single treatment, you know, especially over that last like, from like 12 to from that first back brace from 12 to 19. I for sure, consciously pre-judged things because those first 12 years, nothing worked. And so then, when I was a teenager, I was already saying, “Oh, well, that thing won't work either”. Yet, in this treatment program that he led for me, the whole goal was for me to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without any medication, without any assistive devices. On my own. And after his program, I could do that. And it was very shortly into the program, maybe like five, seven, ten days in that I took my first step. And it didn't feel like someone was stabbing me. And I thought to myself, “What if tomorrow I took two steps, and it didn't feel like this”. There's something to this that I've never experienced like a light bulb went off.  And so that was really the pivotal moment where I started to say to myself, “Things are out there and I'm going to find them”.


Mariana 39:48  

So when you said that was the moment where you started believing in yourself, and you started to love yourself more?


Brianna 39:58  

It was the moment that I started witnessing that there was more out there than the limiting beliefs that I had that Western medicine was the only answer and that medications and assistive devices and surgeries were the only narratives. And I really started to recognize that there was so much more that I didn't know. And that it was the moment of my journey, the beginning of my searching journey. And it led me to find out new sides of myself that I wasn't aware of. It led me to love myself exactly what you just said in more deep and meaningful ways. It led me to respect myself and become more aware of what I was capable of, and what I was meant to do here.


Mariana 40:55

And that is the definition “I can’t” when you were growing up, and “I can” when everything changed. From “I can’t” to “I can do this.” What a beautiful representation. All the I can’t - I can… Now “I can open a room at Clubhouse, I can have a community, I can unmute myself and go speak with whoever asks me to speak. And I can do whatever I want to do.” I am getting fired up right now.


Brianna 41:45

It’s actually crazy because, I have a friend who is a Human Design expert, and she’s writing a book about Human Design, and there’s like all these different types of archetypes, and she called me and she said “I’d really like to feature you in my book. You are a perfect example of the Cross of Limitations.” I said, “Tell me more.” And she said, “Well, on one end of the spectrum, limitations defined you and you’re in the box. When you cross over, no limitations, no limiting beliefs are ever going to hold you back again and you will be able to unlock limitations and limiting beliefs for others. And you are the perfect example of that.” And then she goes on to read my bio from like many years ago, from a book or something I don’t even know where she found it. It says “When the limitations of Brianna’s medical team, when Brianna decided that the limitations of her medical team did not define her, that was the moment she took her life in her own hands.” and I was like, “Where did you find that?” she was like, “This is the perfect example of someone who is living the fullest expression of the Cross of Limitations.”


Mariana 43:02

And you’re not done. I would say to them you are just beginning to express yourself. You are just beginning. We have not even touched the surface yet, of what Brianna is about to do. In my opinion, I think that things are just unmuting everywhere with you because you are now in an “I can”, “I am this powerful being that is unmuting whatever comes my way and I am ready to go for it.” And I’m designed to do, to add value to - I mean, I can’t even imagine how many people you have touched with this story, and with a book or even a documentary. I don’t know. After this story, it can be told in a documentary, even. Do you know what I’m saying?


Brianna 44:17

It’s great that you’re saying that because I was featured in the Miracle Morning documentary, and we talked about taking that footage and using part of it and then having my own documentary. And now that you’re just saying that I feel that there’s a whole unfolding that can happen.  


Mariana 44:37

Absolutely and we just can’t wait for that. Brianna, this is the last question and I’m going to ask. Where can the audience find all the goodness that you are? You know, your book, your website, everything. I want you to tell the audience, all these are going to be in the show notes. You guys are going to be able to find Brianna’s information on the show notes. She has so many ways of connecting with us through the miraclemorning.club, to the briannagreenspan.com, Brianna’s Instagram which you will see me tagging her. She’s going to be on my newsletter, on LinkedIn, Twitter, everywhere. And you will able to connect with her. So one more question, Brianna, before we go. What will be one tip that you will give to the audience so they can mindfully recharge their life every single day? That is the question that I ask my guests every single time.


Brianna 45:54

That’s a good question. Well one, my question invitation tip would be to ask yourself “Who do I choose to be today? Do I choose to be courageous, responsible, kind, loving, respectful, insightful…who do I choose to be today?” Second, “What are the rituals and habits that are going to help me live to that?” Two-fold questions that will lead to action. Because when you ask yourself this question “Who do I chose to be today?”, and “What do I need to do today in order to live that?”, something’s going to come up that says listen to Mariana’s podcast, watch this Ted Talk, read this book, meditate, go for a bike ride. Whatever that is that comes up for you, take massive action. Because the world needs your light right now. And by you asking yourself who do you choose to be and what is it going to take in order to embody that today, you’re going to be able to shine your light brighter than ever before.


Mariana 47:15

Beautiful. Beautiful, Brianna. Thank you so much. I hope you guys heard that, I hope you took notes. If you didn’t take notes, I hope you listen to the podcast more than once because there are so many nuggets from this podcast that you can take into your life. Take it to the next level and mindfully recharge your life. Brianna, tell us really quickly what are the websites where they can find you even though everything is going to be in the show notes. 


Brianna 47:55

Yeah thank you so much, this has been fun. You can totally find me in the Club, on Clubhouse with Mariana, every morning, Miracle Morning Club and miraclemorning.club has all the info on it, and find out a little bit more about me at briannagreenspan.com and @brigreen1111 is my Instagram and then the Miracle Morning coloring book is available on Amazon, and other places where books are sold: tmmartofaffirmations.com is the direct link, and we’re actually going to drop another link on the show notes and we’re going to gift you guys some coloring pages.


Mariana 48:40

Perfect, we love free stuff, thank you. Thank you so much, Brianna, that’s so generous of you and I can’t wait. So you guys make sure that when you listen to the podcast, go to the show notes, get all these links, click on them, get to know Brianna, get your affirmations, get the coloring pages, and it will all level up your life and get you mindfully recharged from the inside out. So thank you for listening, don’t forget to share this episode with your friends and your families. And if this has added a lot of value to you, share this with the entire world. We want to reach more people out there so they can mindfully recharge their life. We’ll see you on the next episode - 


Brianna 49:33

And if you really, really love it, the way to show Mariana and the world your love is by writing a review on iTunes so that other people will find it. And that is really the name of the game because if you want to mindfully recharge yourself, tell your friends and tell the people you don’t even know on the internet who are looking for Mariana.


Mariana 49:55

Aww thank you, Brianna, I love you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Ok guys, with that, we are done, we are out. Have a fantastic rest of your day, I will see you on the next episode. Bye.


Closing 50:15

Thank you for listening, everyone. And don't forget to go to the show notes and click to download your free Mindful and Energetic Living Guide. Also, don't forget to share this podcast with your friends, families, and everyone out there. I want to get this out there to everyone. So, thank you for your support, and I'll see you next week.