Episode 14- “"The Power of Kindness.”

In this episode, I shared what the power of kindness truly means for me. We may have our own definitions of kindness, but what I imparted here will hopefully help you to be more mindful and intentional as you journey through life - especially in these challenging times.

  • 4:16 - The importance and power of kindness

  • 5:42 - 3 things kindness can do

  • 10:42 - My definition of kindness

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Mariana 0:00  

Hey everyone, welcome back. This is Marianna Thomas. You always welcome to Mindfully Recharged. And in this episode, I am talking about the power of kindness. I cannot wait for you to listen to this episode, because it is a question that was asked to me this week. And it got me thinking a little bit deeper into the topic. So here we go. Let's not wait any longer. And let's get to the episode. See you there.


Intro Speaker  0:42  

Welcome to Mindfully Recharged with Mariana Thomas. In this podcast, Mariana brings you mindful conversations with people that will develop and recharge you from the inside out so that you can increase productivity in your personal and professional life. This is Mindfully Recharged.


Mariana  1:02  

Hey, everyone, welcome back. This is Mariana Thomas. Your host and this is your podcast Mindfully Recharged. And today, I am talking about the power of kindness. And why I wanted to bring this topic to the podcast was because someone asked me this question this week. 


What is kindness to you? 


And it got me thinking, I know that I always act kind that I always give kindness. But I haven't sat down and think about what it truly means and the definition of it and go deeper into everything that kindness is. So I decided to talk to myself here and you are going to be listening to this you are listening right now. And here's what I believe. And this is me talking this is my definition. These are my thoughts. This is what I think, this is not what other people think, you may not agree with this. But I believe that we are born with kindness we are born in kindness. We are born in love and we are born with love. But our experiences throughout our lives and the drama of some people, some of us, maybe you yourself have gone through - changes our heart a little bit. And so if we don't become aware of that, that is when we become unkind. And we have seen it right? We have seen it especially in 2020 when so many events happen here in the United States. And we all were in some ways judging. I'll look at it as not kind, this and that. But we forget that those people are not aware. They do not work as some people say. So those of us who have done the deeper work, have the responsibility to model kindness and to model intentionality and awareness to those who don't have it yet. And I hope that that makes sense to you and you agree. And if you don't that's fine too. But those are my thoughts there. Okay. 



Why it’s so important and why it’s so powerful, to be kind? Because, not only when we act with kindness, we are representing how we are showing to the world, how we feel about ourselves. So, when we give what we have, right, so we feel we are full of anger or full of hate, and that's going to come out but that's not going to be kind. We are not aware of ourselves. So that's the energy that we are going to be, not going to give to the world. What happens when we are aware of kindness? What happens when we are aware of ourselves and when we truly love ourselves? So it creates, and this is what happens. Okay, but oh my god, we have to do so much work when this is not there when it's not even there. 



What happens when we model kindness or when we do an act of kindness? It creates a ripple effect, it’s contagious. Other people are going to see it, they want to chime in. Right? If they are maybe in the middle of being awake others are going to turn their head and go in a different direction. That's okay. They will get there. They will get there maybe they won’t I don't know. But we create that ripple effect for those that just need a little push to be kind. So for those of us, they are awake and we are aware that we have done the deeper work, we have to demonstrate, we have to model that kindness. The other thing that makes kindness powerful is that hormone that releases in our body, that releases in our body called Oxytocin. My god guys when I learned this I was like oh my god let all these hormones release, release, release, because with this does is that lowers your blood pressure. It lowers your blood pressure. Imagine that! It reduces blood pressure because not only lowers your blood pressure, here comes more power… it increases happiness! Who doesn't want to be happier? What’s “happier” by the way, guys? It’s my definition of success. That's how I feel. But it also keeps your heart healthy. You know, I'm all about mind, heart, and body. Right?



It slows down - Oh here, this is important - It slows down the aging process. We all want to stay young. We all want to be here a little more than when I don't know what the universe guy has for us. We want to be a little younger, you know without plastic surgery. So use kindness for it. Wellness. For love. Kindness can keep you younger! Oh my god. We all need to be awake because the world needs it. Especially right now. We are all going through so much the pandemic this and that. Oh my god right now guys, what's happening in Texas, you know the store and people without water and food and electricity all that is just with some friends who are getting together, collecting resources to send to Texas. That is the act of kindness. And you know what, when I was doing that with those friends, my heart was singing and I felt warm and that is what that hormone does. It makes you feel warm, it releases that feeling of warmness. And you want to continue to do it. That is the power of kindness. And we need to spread it out. Out. So we can get through hard things like we are going through right now. That is the power of kindness. 



So with this information, wow, you say, okay, Marianna, what is this simple act of kindness that I can do? Right? So what is kindness? Kindness, basically, is awareness. Kindness is Love. It’s an identification with myself and the other person. And what are the little kindness that I can do in my daily life? Just call someone to say hello. You know, send a text message and say, “Hey, thinking of you. Have a great day.” That is an act of kindness. We can even be kind to nature, you know, climbing a tree is an act of kindness. And you can do it in your backyard, plant a tree, planting flowers, I don't know, something that makes you happy in your backyard. That is the act of kindness towards nature. You know, give a compliment. Did you see someone that graduated college with honors or someone got, I don't know, recognized with something? Let them know, compliment, and say “Congratulations. I'm so proud of you.” And wait a minute, do a from a place of love. Do it with intentionality. And do it from a place of truth. Not fakeness, then you are now being kind, you are being fake. And that's not the same thing. So that's why we have to work on ourselves first. Before we can even get there. If you feel jealousy, when you see someone succeeding and someone doing something great, and you are not feeling that kindness, to congratulate, to complement, then there is a bigger issue. There's something underneath there that you need to pay attention to that you need to work on. Because you are blocking yourself by doing that. 



Maybe, when we go back to flying. I know some people are flying right now or not. But when we go all back to normal, maybe you go on the plane somewhere, you know or, and somebody needs to go first and place their suitcase at the top. I think maybe it's someone that’s older than you, even younger, let them go first. That’s an act of kindness. Maybe pay the toll for someone. If you driving with your friend and you go through a toll booth. Maybe you say “hey, here, I'll pay for this. Let me do that. Since you're driving.” There are so many ways to do kindness. You just got to get creative. And you got to find the opportunity to slide yourself in there and do that act of kindness. It's there for you. It's there for you and for all of you. 



So let's go back to recap. So kindness and remember, this comes from me, this is no one's else definition unless someone agrees with me. But I believe that kindness is awareness. Kindness is an act, it's an action. It’s something you do. And it comes from the inside, is a feeling. You have to identify you have to relay. 


Why kindness is so powerful? Because not only it’s contagious, it’s a ripple effect in the world, for those that only need just a little push to do that after kindness. If we can get more people there, their worlds will start changing and will be more loving and will be more equal. And the other reason is our health, which to be first. It lowers blood pressure, and keeps us younger, and makes us happier. All that keeps our hearts healthy. What else do we need My goodness. And the best part - it makes us do it again. Because once you do it, and you feel that warm feeling. And every word that you get is that feeling that you are a value to someone makes you want to do it again. That's the best benefit, the best benefit of the power of kindness. And really it’s amazing. And I know that you heard that beep, I forgot to turn my phone off. So this may get edited, may not. I mean that is okay. We are in a world of imperfection. And with that, guys, that is the power of awareness and kindness, the power of kindness equals awareness. I love, love, love talking about this topic. Because it's truly what I want to do every single day is being kind. Thank you so much, you guys. I hope that you enjoyed this episode. Please share with your friends and family. Tag me on Instagram or Facebook, whenever you see me around. And let me know if you enjoyed it if you needed to hear this. Maybe it's something that you needed to hear right at this moment. That's why I was called to do it. So with that, thank you so much, again for being here. And I will see you next week. Bye-bye.


Closing  18:48  

Thank you for listening, everyone. And don't forget to go to the show notes and click to download your free Mindful and Energetic Living Guide. Also, don't forget to share this podcast with your friends, families, and everyone up there. I want to get this out there to everyone. So thank you for your support, and I'll see you next week.