Episode 12 - “From unfulfilled to coaching Entrepreneurs”

In this episode I talk with my friend Nikki Trott.  Nikki is a transformational coach, a brand consultant, and a podcaster. She empowers entrepreneurs to transform and unleash their purpose, to create freedom and success. In this episode, we talked about how she went from being unfulfilled despite her amazing work background - to coaching entrepreneurs.

  • 3:07 - Nikki shares her story from having a successful job to starting her own company.

  • 7:45 - Finding her fulfillment through the Transform on Purpose Program and Conscious Accelerator

  • 9:14 - How a disconnection between the internal and external can make us more unfulfilled.

  • 10:42 - The digital nomad lifestyle

  • 12:26 - My word for 2021: "Flow"

  • 20:42 - Being still

  • 21:34 - Nikki's word for 2021 : "surrender"

  • 25:07 - On gratitude

  • 30:00 - Leave your comforts to live your values

  • 35:36 - Nikki shares about the book she is currently writing to help people take the leap.

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See you in Episode 13!

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