Episode 6 - “Compassion and Kindness Meditation.”

In this episode, I will take you through meditation practice with me as my way of spreading kindness and compassion during these times. You will learn:

  • Breathing exercises

  • How to be in touch with your feelings and emotions

  • How to bring out kindness and compassion through meditation

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Episode 6 -

Hey, guys welcome back I am super excited that you are here today because today is meditation day. I know, I know you weren’t expecting that but I believe that this moment and time are here to spread compassion and kindness. And the more we can open ourselves to feeling these emotions more deeply with everything that we are experiencing this year, I believe that the healing of these difficult times will be easier. So today, I decided we are going to meditate. So I’m going to take you through a meditation practice.

So I hope that you are open to this, I hope that you will share this with your friends and your families. I know that you are going to enjoy this because there is nothing more special than a quiet mind and relaxing, you will have a better night sleep tonight if you practice this, I promise you! So without further ado, let’s meditate. 



So here we go, guys. Sit in or lay down, close your eyes, and relax your shoulders. 

Relax your shoulders as much as you can without forcing anything.

And let’s begin to connect with the breath in and out through the nose.

Inhale and deeply and slowly exhale through the nose. Again, deep and slow, inhale, hold, and exhale deeply. 

Continue to breathe…continue to breathe just like this on your own. And now begin to observe how you feel right now. Maybe you feel mad, sad, stressed, anxious, pain, discouraged, disappointment, sorrow. And truly feel it.

Welcome that feeling.

Don't throw it away.

And keep breathing.



Be open to feelings. Be open to your feelings and emotions, and allow yourself to experience them. 

Giving yourself time to express them. Breathe.

Give yourself time to express these feelings, and continue to breathe.

Remember deep inhale - hold, and deep exhale - out. 



From these emotions start to let out your fears and concerns.

Allow the feelings to surface…this is called courage.

And continue with the breath.

Let’s not control the emotions, but instead, allow them to soften and breathe into them. 



Continue with the breath and let’s not control the emotions. But instead, allow them to soften and breathe into them.

And as we soften these emotions we start to allow space for the good stuff to come in. Like kindness, compassion and fearless. And as you feel the good stuff more deeply as they come in, take over the space that you are opening.

Allow. And as we allow this we become to heal from fear in concerns.

Deep inhale through the nose, hold it. And deep exhale through the nose.



Now start recalling times when you felt kindness and compassion. 

And allow those feelings to take over and continue to soften.


And as we let those emotions pass, start to feel lighter and lighter.

Continuing to inhale and exhale.

Into the nose and out of your nose.



Now allow yourself to start breathing normally, and easily.

And continue to observe the breath.

Continue to expand fearless, kindness, and compassion.

Keep listening to your breath - in and out through the nose in a normal way.



And slowly just start moving your fingers. If you are laying down start moving your toes.

Maybe reaching your arms behind your head. Standing your leg away from your hips.

If you are driving just listen to this, do not close your eyes.

Maybe too late for that now.

Then slowly start feeling the sensations of the body. Continue with the breath and the feelings of kindness, compassion, and fearless. And if you are lying down, come up to sitting. If you prefer, stay lying down. Continue to keep your eyes closed. And whatever you are in your sitting or lying down, bring your hands together to a praying position, and bow to your heart. 

Send the light in me. Honor the light that lives in you. Have a beautiful day. 


Hey, guys thank you for listening I hope that you enjoyed this episode. And before you go, I want to remind you about the free Mindful and Energetic Living Guide. I want to give this to you, so all you have to do is go to the show notes and find the link right there. And it will be right in your inbox okay, so make sure you do that and I will see you next week have a fantastic rest of the day, bye!