Episode 30- “From Dancing to a Mindful Entrepreneur with Christy Curtis Buss.''

Christy Curtis Buss is a dancer, choreographer, entrepreneur, and business owner among many more. From dancing in her mom’s Dance Studio, Christy won "The All-American Girl" contest at the age of 19. After which, she was offered 2 TV contracts and moved to California. 

That event opened up many opportunities for her to pursue her career in both the acting and dancing industry. She had become a dance instructor at a gym, dance captain in professional sports, choreographer for multiple Daytime TV Shows, the host of her own talk show, and now, the CEO of her own skincare line, Hedo. 

In this episode, we talked about dancing, traveling and seeing different cultures, entrepreneurship, and the importance of self-care.

Episode 30 at a glance...

  • Christy’s role models and her perception on entrepreneurship

  • Why Christy never wanted to own a Dance Studio

  • The event that launched Christy’s career in acting and dancing

  • How Christy’s life changed after moving to California

  • How Christy got into the film industry as a choreographer

  • What Christy thinks about the world after seeing different places and cultures

  • Christy’s lifestyle and how she got the idea of launching her own skincare line

  • What made Christy's skincare line unique

  • The countries Christy would love to visit again

  • Christy’s tips on how to mindfully recharge yourself


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Mariana  0:00 
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Mindfully Recharged Podcast. This is your host, Mariana Thomas, and today's episode, I'm talking to my friend, Christy Curtis Buss. Oh my god, guys, you're gonna love Christy. She is a dancer, choreographer, entrepreneur and business owner for over 28 years. Christy was born in South Louis and danced at her mom's dance studio since she was 18 years old. You guys are gonna love this story because Christy is doing amazing things these days. So stay tuned for this biggest announcement that Christy has for everyone in this episode. So stay tuned, but I'm going to give you a little bit Hedo.co. So stay tuned and keep listening. See you there.

Intro 1:14
Welcome to Mindfully Recharged with Mariana Thomas. In this podcast. Mariana brings you mindful conversations and people that will develop and recharge you from the inside out so that you can increase productivity in your personal and professional life. This is Mindfully Recharged.

Mariana 1:34
Hello, and welcome, everyone to the Mindfully Resharper Podcast. In today's episode, my beautiful friend, Christy Buss. Christy, hello, beautiful. How are you?

Christy Curtis Buss  1:49 
I'm so good. How are you?

Mariana  1:51 
Fabulous, fabulous. It's a beautiful day and more beautiful now that we are here seeing each other and we are about to have a great conversation on this episode. So let's talk about you my friend because-

Christy Curtis Buss  2:08 
Okay, let's do it!

Mariana  2:09 
Yeah, let's do it. So where did this story begin? Where does it begin, Christy?

Christy Curtis Buss  2:17 
Okay. Well, my name is Christy Curtis Buss. I'm a dancer, a choreographer and a business owner for 28 years. And how I started my business is back in the day when my mom was probably one of the only women with a business in the 50s. And she had her own dance studio. So basically, I just watched her make every move she made in terms of running a business watching her behind the scenes, not just dancing and teaching class and me wanting to be just like her. But how she did bulletins and attendance and how the business really became what it was based on my mom really innovating the way that a dance studio was run. So I just learned so much from her and I wanted to be like her. And I just gave her so much praise as a woman back in the 50s 60s to own her own business and be an entrepreneur back then.

Mariana  3:20 
Wow, that's fabulous. That just spikes a question in me. You know, I was just having a conversation with several people this morning about entrepreneurship. And they were asking a question, you know, what makes a great entrepreneur? What is a wanna-be entrepreneur? So what was the lesson that you learn from your mom at that, at that time, when you were observing her and you wanted to be like her? What was the biggest lesson that you learned?

Christy Curtis Buss  3:54 
The biggest lesson and the biggest thing I saw was she did it 24/7. So people don't understand, it looks so glorious to be an entrepreneur. And you know, you don't have to do a nine to five job. But basically, it's 24/7, you have to take care of your business 24/7 as an entrepreneur and I saw that in her late nights, early mornings, just all day, every day, no breaks, very little time off. That's what I knew, at the time, growing up. I know how hard she works on like, I never want to own a dance studio. Because it just takes so much of everything out of your whole life to be able to do this. So it was something I didn't want to do. But I'll get to that story. But after I was at my home studio, I knew I want to do bigger things with my dance and most people are content with being in the Midwest and that's something that my family always tease me about, "Oh, there's that little shack over there. That's where Christy is" I'm like, "Oh heck no, I'm gonna be big. I'm gonna do my thing. I'm not going to be here, I'm going to be in California." So, what happened is I grew up dancing and, you know, back in my 70s, this is after training, a little bit older, disco was huge, disco was very big, and I was old enough to learn how to do those kinds of dances but couldn't be inside the clubs that danced all night because you had to be 21. So, at this particular club, there was a dance class before that I somehow got to teach the hustle and all that. So I'm in there teaching this hustle before the club opens, and literally got to stay in the club as I was already in there and dance with my partner all night and just did so much training within just being on the dance floor. And I'm at that particular club called Time Machine. I remember it very clearly

Mariana  5:57 
Time Machine.

Christy Curtis Buss  6:00 
Yeah and you know, they happen to host this contest that was going to be on ABC TV, and I'm like, Whoa, it was I remember being on the table of you know, how they have Dodgers like those little signs and everything. But this one had ABC TV special for the all American girl I'm like, that's me. I can do this. I can do disco because it was about disco dancing in the nine sports. So I basically tried out in St. Louis at a you know, an unknown like Hotel in this big gym downtown. And I auditioned. And then I did my gymnastics. So I disco danced and gymnastics. That was my sport. There was ice skating, diving all this stuff. And believe it or not, back in the day, they didn't have like, you know, call you up. Or, you know, how do you find out about those things. It was a telegram. I got a telegram which I still have to this day, that was delivered to me saying I was one of the 45 contestants that got to go to Vegas. And in Las Vegas.

Mariana  6:59 
How excited were you?

Christy Curtis Buss  7:01 
I couldn't believe I was like, back in the day when I am from Missouri. So the weather changes. My mom, my grandma had bronchitis. So I grew up with bronchitis. And I hated it because it was too cold. And when you went outside, it was too hot. And when it was too cold, you went inside, it was freezing because they had it. It was just crazy. So I always got sick. And I don't get sick anymore. Because you know, you just take care of yourself differently. And the weather's better out here in California. So I went to Vegas, and I'm like, What the heck am I doing here, all these beautiful women, they're poised because I'm just a dancer, you know, I wasn't a beauty contest person. But there was a lot of them there. And I just was a little intimidated. So I just took the competence that I had in my dance. And I just went for it. So in the end, I seriously won the whole thing I won two TV contracts $50,000. And I was announced on ABC TV with Peter Marshall, he used to do Hollywood Squares back in the day, I hosted Hollywood Squares if you guys are old enough, but um, so I won. I won two TV contracts that got me to California. That's why I'm here today.

Mariana  8:06 
And I love that because that's the way it is, you know, when you sharing that and thinking all the hard work that your mom did, you saw her doing was like inside of you. Because that gives you like the confidence to go for it. You know, you saw your mother doing the thing every single day. So she installed that confidence in you.

Christy Curtis Buss  8:38 
I think without knowing because it was just inside me.

Mariana  8:41 
Yeah, you know, we had we need those role models as well. Right? Watching, you know, for me was my grandmother, because I lost my mother when I was so young. But still you know, when we especially when we see the same gender that is raising us, doing things, we're going to be like, "Oh, I want to be like my mom. I want to be like Grandma" you know?

Christy Curtis Buss  9:10 
They worked hard. They work hard.

Mariana  9:13 
They work hard. Yeah, they did.

Christy Curtis Buss  9:15 
Yeah. So I literally got to California because that and then when I got out here what Okay, now what do I do? You know, I got to do the circus of the stars. So I was around every celebrity, Rick Shiels, Charlene Tilton, Erik Estrada, all these celebrities that were on TV at the time, and I'm like, Okay, I'm with you. I got this.

Mariana  9:34 
That is amazing.

Christy Curtis Buss  9:35 
Yeah, I had so much fun with them and they became my friends. So I felt like I had a little edge. You know, being in those shows and I did the People's Choice Awards. I presented an award. So I was around celebrities there too. So I got to come out to California to be a little bit ahead of the game. But still, it was very difficult. I needed to find a place to live and you know, how am I going to make money so I literally auditioned and started right away. I worked at Knott's Berry Farm as a dancer. It was crazy. And then from that, the little thing that I did down in Orange County, there was an audition that I had my scene when I had to get my shoes fixed. Well, character shoes, so you have to wear character shoes in this particular show. And this is a sign up saying, hey, try out for the Los Angeles Rams cheerleaders. I'm like, okay, so literally, I got there and there's 1000s of girls. They're like, What the heck? Okay, so anyway, tried out. And obviously, I made it. I made it for four years, I became the dance captain, as well as choreographer.

Mariana  10:41 
Wow, for the Lakers?

Christy Curtis Buss  10:44 
No, no, this is for the Los Angeles Rams. Football. I was with that. And I became the dance captain and all that. We went on eight USO tours, I went all over the world, dancing with the Rams, and most amazing experiences that I ever had from being in Puerto Rico, Cuba, , right? Panama. I went to Beirut in 1983. Where the bombs were going off and the war was on and we had no idea what was going on.

Mariana  11:15 
You were just dancing.

Christy Curtis Buss  11:17 
We were just there to help our troops, right?

Mariana  11:19 

Christy Curtis Buss  11:19 
And boy, was it an experience? I mean, in a bombed out hotel, watching all these army people like wait, who's our enemy? I didn't know what that meant back in the day when they're holding their guns. And you're like, Wait, are you

Mariana  11:32 
Christy, how old were you then?

Christy Curtis Buss  11:35 
20 years old.

Mariana  11:37 

Christy Curtis Buss  11:37 
So but we went over for Bob Hope he had an eye problem. And he was supposed to be there to perform for the troops. And we were in Germany, and they said you guys want to go and we're like, heck yeah. But with that, we didn't know what we're in for. So but to be honest with you, to see what people do to, you know, defend our country was the most amazing experience. I mean, I remember being on the eastern border of Germany, and taking a tank, to go to a watch out tower to perform for like five people. It was the most amazing, heartfelt show we ever did

Mariana  12:16 
I can see it in your face. That really tells you.

Christy Curtis Buss  12:21 
And just doing anything we could to show our support for our country, you know, so that's something I did. And it was really, really awesome. And, you know, that was the start of my experience of really getting a lot of things in Los Angeles. So from there, I danced for the Clippers, because our manager went to the Clippers after we did five years at the Rams, we got a contract. So I started performing for the Clippers, not the Lakers, the Clippers, and it's great experience too because basketball is different than than football. And  from there I was you know, a teaching aerobics and brought bodies sculpting classes at a gym to make money so that I could work open basically open the gym at 5:45 and at 10:45 be done, because I did three classes. So that made it an eight hour day from 5:45. And I did everything I could to be open and then go on auditions and dance calls and all that. So I had an agent I auditioned for many, many soap operas, many TV shows. I got a few things I was a recurring on Days Of Our Lives. I did a couple things with soap operas, but in the big picture, when they saw my resume at the Days Of Our Lives. They're like, we need the choreographer. So literally, they say, can you be here at 30 minutes? I'm like, heck yeah. Here's my heck yeah again. Heck yeahs get you farther. Right?

Mariana  13:51 
I love that. Okay, that is true. Just like Oprah say, heck, yeah. Then you follow the heck no.

Christy Curtis Buss  14:01 
Exactly. Yes. I've been saying that all this interview. It's so funny. So um, I got there. And I did. I did choreography on Days Of Our Lives for almost 20 25 years. And then I did Passions, which is another soap opera, and I did one more. I can't remember the name but I started doing a lot of soap opera choreography, it's crazy that you you don't think that there's choreography on the show. But you know, Go and Hope did so many romantic wedding dances. I got married so many times, but um, just romantic moments, and they danced around it. So I really created a moment and that was very cool because I worked with the director and worked around sets and how the set was staged so I had to go around the couch or do this or around the park bench. It was just awesome. So I got to do that. I mean, I was very, very lucky. And within that timeframe of me working with the Clippers and dancing, and doing that on Days Of Our Lives, while I was dancing with the Clippers, there was a girl that danced with the Lakers. So this is where the Laker comes in. And she goes, Oh my god, you gotta meet my friend, you got to meet my friend like, okay. So anyway, it happened to be Johnny Buss. And his father is Dr. Jerry Buss who owns the Lakers. I mean, he's no longer with us. I My heart goes for him every day, we miss him. But that's how I met Johnny through dancing with the Clippers. And I knew I was gonna like him when he came to a Clipper Game and watched me dance. That was pretty cool. So, you know, we're not married anymore, but we're very, very close. We've been around each other 30 years, and we still have a bond that we know what we can help each other with.

Mariana  15:48 
I love that.

Christy Curtis Buss  15:48 
Great situation. So being a part of the Laker family is always been very, very amazing part of my life.

Mariana  15:57 
Yeah, you know, I'm a fan of the Lakers.

Christy Curtis Buss  16:00 
You are?

Mariana  16:00 
So I was so in a hurry to get to the Lakers story. Because I'm  a fan and have been faithful for a long time. The Lakers, I am really a fan. So I was like, Come on, give me the story.

Christy Curtis Buss  16:23
Right, right. Right. So that's how I that's why I wasn't you know, I met Johnny. And then I got to travel around the world with his dad and him going to Europe going to Hong Kong, Rome, Italy, Rome, Italy, like you just, it was just the most amazing again, experience of my life being around, you know, somebody so influential to not just California but around the world.

Mariana  16:47
So, Christy, traveling the world, you know, and seeing so many cultures, you know, I'm a I'm a bilingual person. And I you know, I'm from another country. I'm from Colombia, and live in the United States. When you had traveled the world and see so many cultures, what is one thing that you find that everyone has in common in you know, and it doesn't matter what place are they coming from, like where did they live, what culture they have, what skin color, what language they speak, you know, what is the common denominator?

Christy Curtis Buss  17:30
You know, what's so funny is what I think about our world. And what brings us could bring us together even more is the fact that we all eat, and we socialize when we eat, and we gather, we gather when we eat. So that's what I love to see in the in the streets of Barcelona or Italy is just everybody enjoying a meal together. It's very, very cool. Because that means that, you know, it's not about I mean, food is great, like, you know, food is, food is amazing around the world. So you want to experience so much of what other people you know, have to offer. But it's about the gathering and how people communicate and enjoy conversation through a meal.

Mariana  17:31
Oh, I love that answer.

Christy Curtis Buss  18:18 
Yes, yes. I mean, there's, there's, there's always sightseeing, and seeing all the sights and all that and what people love to do when they travel. And that's a common thing. But really, for me when I, I'm a people watcher when I travel, so it was about me seeing them enjoying just when I was in Turkey and they have this Turkish tea in the way they stop everything in the middle of the day. And they have their tea time, right? There's no selling anything, or it's their time to sit on the streets with their Turkish tea and these little clear glass. I don't even want to call them a you know, coffee pot. It's just like, yeah, like, I don't know it, but it has a little plate underneath it. And they just sit there and they drink their Turkish tea and they enjoy. You know, they join time together even if it's two people or even by themselves while they just enjoy calm.

Mariana  19:13 
I totally get that because I love to travel as well. And one of the things that I've observed also is that when I came to the United States Christy, one thing that I've observed, you know, I come from the Latin culture, so we must have the ends and even though we die to eat, we are more worried about dancing. You know the difference here, but we are doubting about the food but we want to move we want to move our bodies. And one thing that I noticed when I came to the United States and I started experiencing gathering, people will gather around the food and have You know, meaningful conversations. And that's one thing that we were probably missing in my culture. We just wanted that.

Christy Curtis Buss  20:09
Yeah. That's a big thing. That's what I did on Passions when it came to the Latin families. So they were all like, you know, it's so funny. They were meeting and then they're doing the tango.

Mariana  20:24
Yes, right.

Christy Curtis Buss  20:25 
And then I did little salsa stuff. And all their scenes had to do with the fact that their romance built around certain Latin dances. So it was pretty cool that

Mariana  20:34 
Yes, that's a way of recharging ourselves, right? It's a really beautiful way of recharging ourselves when we dance, when we have conversation when we gather together, just awesome. Okay, so I want to move on because, okay, you did say you did the dancing, the choreography, the cheerleading, the TV, they, I mean, you've done so much. But now I want to move to something really amazing that you are doing at the moment, and you are launching your skincare product.

Christy Curtis Buss  21:11 

Mariana  21:12 
Tell us about that Christy.

Christy Curtis Buss 19:13 
So that came about, like, um, let me let me give you a little backstory, like I had my own talk show in the last year and a half before COVID. And it was called Aidells ambitions. And I really enjoyed doing that. Meeting people and you know, gathering people again, right to have a conversation. You know, I had some Laker players, I had Michael Cooper on there, I had JC Murray. And then I also had people like, OG Cuicide, who literally put a gun to his neck, and shot himself, but lived. And he is here today to tell a story. And those are the kinds of things that I love to let people hear about because there's a  story about that, but then there's always a cause that can help. So, and then I had one of my friends on who I really, you know, didn't get as involved with what she did. But more as my brand. She was just a friend. But she is 30 years old, a little bit older now, right? Because I met her four years ago, but at the time, she was so young and owned three med spas. And that intrigued me as an entrepreneur, you know, knowing that I did this, the dance studio, but she was 30. And, and this, you know, very high level medical spas that she ran. And it was very exciting for me to hear more about it. And so she was on my talk show talking about skin, and how to take care of ourselves. Well, that's what I said, I do I take care of my body, because I'm a dancer, and it's my instrument. And I've always had to, you know, exercise very, very diligently and eat good, eat clean. So she was talking to me about, you know, outside skin. And I'm like, I just love this, I need to learn more, I want to do more. And so that's what made me get excited about what I'm doing today. Because dance for me. I braid so many kids in terms of kids at the studio for 28 years. I mean, imagine that. They have kids that have kids, so and the way that I you know, give them so much discipline while they're dancing has made them who they are today. And I get so many amazing Miss Christy's back to me like Miss Christy, thank you so much for having so I did this for so long. And I love doing that for everyone, all my children, all my students, but I wanted to finally wake up in the morning and do something for me in terms of what can I do to wake up and be excited about for me, and that will be my friend, maybe get excited about learning about how to take care of our skin. And if we're taking care of our skin, we're probably taking care of our bodies, we're probably eating better. And for me, that's a whole wellness thing. So yes, there are a lot of products out there, but I wanted the best of the best. And this medical grade, high delivery clean, no toxins, no parabens, no artificial colors, no artificial preservatives, nothing like that are in my skin or not in my skincare line, but just the best of the best. And that can offer us some results.

Mariana  24:23 
I love that. You know, I'm all about eating clean. Everything that you put in your skin needs to be something that you can almost eat, you know, almost just having breakfast.

Christy Curtis Buss 24:40
Like I said it's very clean. It's very, clean and it's natural, but I have natural preservatives because I do have pineapple, papaya, grapefruit, Swiss Apple stem cell so it needs a little shelf life of positive preservatives, they're non toxic. So, natural preserves, keep it that way. But yeah.

Mariana  24:23
Good enough hearing that because I'm all about that I'm all about mindfully recharging ourselves the natural way. I smile as much as we can. I know we sometimes we have to go the other way, but if we can do it the natural way, that's the greater way to go.

Christy Curtis Buss 24:40
Right. And quite honestly, I wanted to have more of an organic line. And and that and the problem is it doesn't deliver, like as fast. So for the products that you need organically, it's going to take you almost eight months to do something in a month or two.

Mariana  24:23

Christy Curtis Buss 24:40
Yeah. So I wanted something that's, again, something that sees the results, and you want to use it, and you have a routine every day.

Mariana  24:23
Absolutely! I love that Christy, I'm so excited about it. Okay, my question now is, you know, this is a new entrepreneur adventure for you. So why did you created this online presence, you know, that you have now because I see you every day there and the entrepreneur world, and what did you hope to accomplish? What is the expectation that we have with this online presence?

Christy Curtis Buss 24:40
Because I wanted to know, I really wanted everyone to know about my products and what they stand for. And for me that's clean, natural no artificial colors, again, no fragrance, and exactly what I brought up before, but I chose the best of the best products in each category. So you know, from the cleanser, to the moisturizer, to the sunscreen, that's amazing, that helps, you know, protect our skin, before makeup, but we want to take care of our skin as best as we can. Because we all think that we're never going to get that little skin cancer bump. And that. So if we're protecting it now and keeping it in good shape, that's not going to happen.

Mariana  25:03
Absolutely. And one thing that the people that don't know you, they haven't seen you yet, they are going to be very present surprise, you know,  your age and not only that, how beautiful you are, and you have a beautiful skin and you represent your product in the best way, possible.

Christy Curtis Buss 25:20
And quite honestly, you know, I had to take a really a big step into, if I'm going to be doing my line, I have to do everything I can, on top of the fact that I need to use the products. You know, I used to be a big coffee drinker, because, you know, I danced and taught all day and I teach from nine o'clock in the morning till nine o'clock at night. And I lived on a little bit of coffee. And I said I can't do that if this is something that's going to, you know, inhibit what I'm trying to accomplish here, I can't do it. So I don't drink coffee, it's a dehydrator, it's wrinkle warmer, you know, it brings on wrinkles. So that's another thing that, you know, besides doing the that those are the choices that hopefully people start making, too, when they use a good skincare line, if they're spending money. They want to do everything they can to make the results be the best they can be.

Mariana  25:39
Yeah, and that's what I love about you Christy, because you're trying to be the sample you are modeling. You know, it's not just putting a product out there in the world in the shelves and tell and ask people to buy. You are living it, you are using it, you are changing your habits to make sure that "hey, look at me, look this really works. I'm doing the work. I'm using the clothes every single day, you know, and this really is good for your skin." So I just love that I love because when I see you, I don't see you as someone who just went and got a plastic surgery in your face and got you know perfect skin as it looks a natural skin. You know, they have been, they looks beautiful because you've had been taking care of yourself your entire life. And now you are making even more changes to accommodate yourself to these new products to know "hey, I can't continue drinking coffee. No, I need to say that out of my diet and then doing the things that you need to do to represent your life as well as you can. I love that."

Christy Curtis Buss  29:46 
Thank you!

Mariana  29:47 
Absolutely. I mean, listen, I don't like to give compliments when you really don't deserve it. Trust me on that.

Christy Curtis Buss  29:59 

Mariana  29:59 
I'm No BS. So I'm going to tell it like it is. I don't bring people into my podcast, and I don't believe they are doing a great thing. They are really following what they are putting out there in the world. So go, I got your back.

Christy Curtis Buss  30:17
And then the name, because we want to make sure that everybody-

Mariana  30:21
Yes, we want to hear the name please!

Christy Curtis Buss  30:23 
It's called Hedo. H-E-D-O. Hedo.

Mariana  30:25 
Hedo. H-E-D-O. That's it and it's going live July 1st.

Christy Curtis Buss  30:33
Yeah, we just launched and I'm pretty much we want to have the motto of, you know, Hedo, is a form of hedonism, which is, you know, a form of pleasure, but it's also competent self pleasure of just taking care of yourself, if you're viewing yourself through doing what you need to do to take care of your skin. That's what we're talking about.

Mariana  30:25
Does that come from a Hindu word? Is that a Hindu word?

Christy Curtis Buss  30:55

Mariana  31:02 
Okay, that's what I thought,

Christy Curtis Buss  31:03
Yeah. But it's more about just a play on it, of just enjoy skin, enjoy nourish yourself. Be self absorbed a little bit, because we're so used to just letting everybody take us or just our energy. So if we rejuvenate ourselves, and we nourish ourselves, that's what Hedo is about.

Mariana  31:24
I love that. I love that. Okay, so here is another question for you. Okay, what makes your skincare, because there's so many out there in the world, right. And everybody claims they have the best, what makes yours unique, Christy?

Christy Curtis Buss  31:31 
Well, unisex. So I have a men's line, and I have a women's line.

Mariana  31:50 
Oh, beautiful!

Christy Curtis Buss  31:52 
So some of the men can use some of the other products from the women's line, and vice versa. There's amazing men's sugar scrub, that has just amazing, luscious, almost edible products that are ingredients. And so my line is unisex, and it's sleek, and it's just very clean.

Mariana  32:15 
And I hope the ladies are hearing this, listen, ladies, you now you don't have to worry about your guy not having a great skin because once you buy your products, you can purchase the men's line too.

Christy Curtis Buss  32:31
And like I said, my boyfriend is not into skincare, but I'm like, you gotta try this, it's gonna help you. And I have it in my shower. And the minute he tried it, he's like, I can't believe how it feels. It feels good. And we're not trying to get men to feel like, you know, Hey, I got to do this. No, it just make yourself feel good. Like, that's what they need to feel. It's not about you know, just the ego of, Hey, I'm a guy, I don't do that kind of stuff.

Mariana  32:59

Christy Curtis Buss  33:00 
It makes them feel good. That's all they need to know, right? And then the protection on top of it. Because guys are in the sun all the time. And that's bad down the road, there's a lot of skin cancer and a lot of free radicals that hit that, that that skin that can really damage it.

Mariana  33:15 
Especially guys. They don't worry about the skin in the sun so much as we do.

Christy Curtis Buss  33:22 

Mariana  33:23 
It is our job, you know, as the woman to make sure that we take care of it.

Christy Curtis Buss  33:30 
And do things in pairs. So if you're doing your skin regime, maybe he's doing it at the same time.

Mariana  33:36 

Christy Curtis Buss  33:37 
Then it becomes more of a couple activity.

Mariana  33:39 

Christy Curtis Buss  33:40 
It can be women women, it could be guys guys, who cares. It's just about doing stuff together.

Mariana  33:44 
I love it. I love it.

Christy Curtis Buss  33:47 
Whatever it is, be you be free, be what you are. Indulgent in yourself. But that's what we want to do is just take care of yourself.

Mariana  33:55 
They can recharge in the morning with their skin, skin routine. And before going to bed, they can do it together as well.

Christy Curtis Buss  34:03 

Mariana  34:04 
And while they're doing that they have any conversation about their day. Hey, here is something there for you guys to do.

Christy Curtis Buss  34:11 
See, and that's what I was saying about food, you know, you gather and you talk and you do things with them.

Mariana  34:16 
Yeah, absolutely!

Christy Curtis Buss  34:18 
That's the beauty of what skincare can be you can talk and do things within your routine of doing. You know what you do in the morning and night. So it's a great thing. We're always on our phones, right? We're gonna be right next to each other. And all we're doing is looking at our own.

Mariana  34:32 
All the time.

Christy Curtis Buss  34:33 
Yeah, so there's a time sometimes even there so when you do your face me that's when you guys have conversation right?

Mariana  34:39 
There you go. You can both look at each other in the mirror and you can talk about what your day was like and all that. I love that I love that. Okay, so as an entrepreneut and even when you are not an entrepreneur, you guys have an amazing life. I know we look at your story. Everything you've had done, since you were a little girl up to this point, what is the biggest lesson? The biggest lesson that you have? The greatest one?

Christy Curtis Buss  34:53 
You know, the biggest lesson that I think I've learned is, in general, just trust your gut, trust yourself, trust your instincts, because they're usually right. And don't be afraid to say no.

Mariana  35:30 
I love it.

Christy Curtis Buss  35:31 
Because it's easier to say no, than saying yes and then you're in a bad space. You know? Why did I do that? What am I doing? So if it's a no, you got to be okay with that. Because it's not right for you. And don't be afraid to say no,

Mariana  35:48 
Trust your intuition. And be okay with saying no. Because when you say no, you're actually saying yes to yourself.

Christy Curtis Buss  35:59 

Mariana  35:59 
That actually be an episode on that, you know, learning to say no, learning to be okay.

Christy Curtis Buss  36:05 
And that's really hard for me.

Mariana  36:07 
Yeah, for many people.

Christy Curtis Buss  36:10 

Mariana  36:10 
Yeah, for many people it's really hard, because we want to please, like, great I love that. I love that lesson. And I'm going to repeat that because I want everybody to get that. Just learn to follow your intuition and it's okay to say no, when you say no, sometimes you do something that doesn't serve you.

Christy Curtis Buss  36:31 

Mariana  36:32 
You are saying yes to the things that do serve you.

Christy Curtis Buss  36:35 

Mariana  36:36 
Thank you so much, Christy. Okay, you had traveled the world to so many places, and I can't even I am sure is a long, long list right now. What is your favorite place? Where do you like to go that you know, did you say, Okay, I want to go back up there.

Christy Curtis Buss  36:54 
Well, I have a couple, in terms of culture,

Mariana  36:59 

Christy Curtis Buss  36:59 
I love Italy. And I love Venice. I love  Lido Island, I love just that whole area. It's just so beautiful. In that it's just natural of just, you know, people riding a bike with their little dress on I mean, their long dress, because that's the way people used to, you know, do things and associate older woman just with a long dress on doing your bike ride with a little basket on the thing to get their groceries. That's, that's just so cool. I just love how Italy just is so free and just calm in a sense when you go to those kinds of places but I love places like Hawaii, that you can just be, it's warm out and you can just walk around with your sandals on and little sun dress and just enjoy how beautiful nature is in terms of warm weather. So those are my probably two that I just always want to go back to. I've been a lot of places around the world. And they're all amazing. But just to go again and be at Harry's Bar, you know, on the island of Venice and they have won across the way too. It's just so so cool.

Mariana  38:14 
I love that you know and that answer does say a lot about you. You know, Italy, every time I think about Italy, I think about people gathering. You know, people love food out there. They love food and the way they speak.

Christy Curtis Buss  38:31 
And they're not bad people because it's all natural. Natural dish. It's fresh. They make it right there.

Mariana  38:39 

Christy Curtis Buss  38:40 
Eat those damn pizzas and we'll be okay. It's so natural. There's nothing in there but their ingredients of just pure dough and all that. I mean, all this stuff that they do in the States is just so crazy and preservatives.

Mariana  38:56 
Yes. I love it. Maybe one day we can go together to eat away.

Christy Curtis Buss  39:03 
I'd love to.

Mariana  39:04 
That would be amazing.

Christy Curtis Buss  39:07 
It's so cool. So yes, okay friend!

Mariana  39:10 
So before we go, we're going to tell the audience again where they can find the skin like Hedo.co.

Christy Curtis Buss  39:23 
Yeah. co.

Mariana  39:28 
Hedo.co it's not .com, .co.

Christy Curtis Buss  39:35 
I'm just saying it's easy. Hedo it's easier this way.

Mariana  39:41 
You guys can find this in the show notes is easier for you to remember. It's not .com it is .co. Okay, beautiful. Hedo. Now, I have the last question for you.

Christy Curtis Buss  39:56 
Let's do it.

Mariana  39:57  
What would you tell the audience what is the best way they can mindfully recharge themselves?