Episode 13- “"How To Start Developing Self-Realization.”

In this episode, I have shared some tips on how to develop self-awareness and self-realization. These are 5 simple and very easy steps that can help you to be more conscious of your mind, your body, your surroundings and to identify your intuitions. 

Take the time out of your busy schedule to sit down, listen, and follow these tips to help you discover your inner self and develop self-awareness. Enjoy!

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Welcome to Mindfully Recharged with Mariana Thomas. In this podcast, Mariana brings you mindful conversations with people that will develop and recharge you from the inside out so that you can increase productivity in your personal and professional life. This is Mindfully Recharged.

Mariana 00:20 

Hello, everyone. And welcome to another episode of the mindfully recharged podcast. This is your host, Mariana Thomas. And today we are going to talk about how to start developing self-awareness and self-realization. I know you were not expecting this today, I'm sure. But last week was so amazing about following my intuition and following my gut feeling that I wanted to give you a few steps of why you need to practice this. So last week I met some amazing people because I followed my intuition. I wasn't sure about hosting an event with someone that I have met just once, but I realized that this person had a lot of energy. She felt just right and something amazing came out of that. So I followed my intuition and the results were amazing. So here it is, what I do to make sure that I'm always listening, that I'm always hearing…and I'm not talking about just hearing other people, but also listening to yourself, which is the most important thing that you need to be doing. You need to be listening to your intuition and your gut feeling. So here’s what I do. It’s very simple guys. This episode is going to be short and sweet. 



The first thing that I do every single day and I think that you already know this. I sit in silence. I come into my yoga room in my house and I sit on my yoga mat. My little bolster and my blankets. That is my comfortable place to be. And I sit in the quiet, okay. And some people think that sitting in the quiet is wasting time but it’s actually not true. Sitting in the quiet is a productive time because it is the time that you are giving yourself to actually listen to yourself, to actually self-care yourself, that is number one. Find that comfortable place at home. Or maybe outside in your backyard. I don't know what that place is for you but find one. 



The second one is that even though, if let me back up here - If you don't know how to meditate, you know, because when you sit in the quiet, you say, Okay, that's meditation. That's okay. if you don't know how to meditate. Just sit in the quiet. Silent. it's called Silent Meditation. Just sit there and allow your thoughts to arise without judgment. And that is not easy to do. I know. You're probably saying, that's the first thing I'm gonna do. It's okay. You allow those thoughts to come in. Just hear them. Just welcomed them and nurture them. Don't repel. Just allow them to be. And eventually, they will let it go. One important thing that I wanted to remind you is to find an anchor, and I usually use my breath. So how did I use that? If my mind starts to wander and I started going places and I started chitty chatting in my monkey mind, I move my attention to my breath. That's how I use that. That's my anchor. That's where I return. Okay, just like coming home. Getting in your car and you go around the neighborhood or you go somewhere shopping and then you return home. Think about your breath as your home. That's where you're going to come back. 



The third one is, believe it or not, you can keep your eyes closed or you can keep your eyes open. It's up to you. What works better for you. Did you know that some people actually don't like to close their eyes for that long whenever time you could be sitting. And by the way, it can be just 5, 10, 15, 20, 30. Whatever you have, I usually do 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night. But that doesn't fit. Everyone's schedule. Not everyone can sit for that long. So do what fits into your lifestyle and what you can tolerate. The point of sitting in silence is, to work into that time. In the beginning, is gonna be hard. Is gonna you know, a lot of chitty chatting in your head and “oh my God, my knees hurt”, and this and that. And that's the point that we can observe what's happening, observe all those things and just be there without judgment. And eventually, you probably will be there a little longer. Okay, so maybe the first time you will be there just five minutes, and that is totally fine. 



Number four. If you decide that the breath is not what you want to use as an anchor, as a home base, you can use your body. Just return to your body. Okay? And maybe you can find in a particular area in your body that you can just return that you need to find a home. So when you start wondering, you can come back and enter your house. 



Fifth. Remember to always return. So you do know that you have a home, right? But if you were a 20-year-old and a 22-year-old like me, let's say I was probably 19 when I used to go with my friends on the weekends and just be with them for hours and hours and hours. And I will forget that I needed to go home. That just happened. This is a true story. I will leave, and they will come back to my house. And till really late at night, because I had some amazing friends and my dad would be like, “um, hello, girl. Uh, this is your home. You forgot you live here.” Okay, We can forget in practice that we need to return to that anchor either your breath or your body. Okay, this is number five, and it seems like it's repeated, but yes, because you know, you have that house, but you are just, like, too busy over there doing other things that you don't want to come back. But that's the point is to find that anchor so you can truly listen. So your mind is not all goodbye with other things. I hope that that allows you to find self-awareness and self-discovery. Why is it important to sit in the quiet? And to follow this? Because when we are quiet is when we can hear and listen more. Remember that quote from Rumi - “The quieter your mind, the more you can hear.” And so, in order for us to follow our intuition, our mind needs to be just a little bit clearly okay or clear have more space in there to let us know that "hey, you should go in this direction because I can feel it". But if we don't make that space in our mind and in our body and our feelings to allow the intuition to work with us, then we miss on a lot of things. Because I do follow my intuition, a lot of great things have been happening, especially this week, just because I followed my intuition. Okay, I hosted a room with someone really amazing and met some amazing people. But that was all because I followed my intuition. So you're probably wondering or thinking, “Mariana, I don't know if I know how to follow my intuition. I don't know if I’m intuitive.” You are. You just haven't discovered that yet. You haven't given the opportunity for intuition to work with you because you're too busy up here upstairs and not allowing the feelings to come in. Not making enough space for those things to come into your heart and in your intuition. And this is what I call that the “second gut”, you know, like the gut feeling. I think it's the same thing intuition is a gut feeling. You know it. You feel it. You know what's gonna happen. You don't know what it is, but you do know what it is. As weird as it sounds. So that's it, my friends, you're going to discover a lot of self-awareness if you follow this process, you're going to discover a little more self-love. You will awaken the ability to listen more, to listen to yourself especially, and to listen to others. But the first person you need to listen to is YOU. 



If we are not listening to our intuition, we are missing out. And it's not talking to ourselves and we need to actually talk to ourselves, but talk in a positive way after we have listened to our intuition. I hope you don't get those confused, but you know, because sometimes you can be chitty chatting up here and listening to a lot of stuff. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about - when your mind is clear, when you are in a positive, okay? And there are some times that you may get an intuition is not in the positive, and that's okay as well. That is for another time, another topic that its way deeper than this. So no time for that today. But that's it. 



Find a comfortable place, for me - my yoga room. Sit in the quiet. If you can't meditate, just be silent. You don't know what, how to meditate. Just be silent. Find an anchor. Could be your breath. Or it can be your body. You can keep your eyes open or you can close your eyes. And every time your mind wanders, when you go to places bring yourself back to either your breath or your body. And I say, my friends, that is just a little step on how to start. This is just a bite. How to start developing self-awareness and self-realization. Okay, so I'll leave you with that. Thank you for listening. And I will see you next week. Thank you so so much for being here. Don't forget to share this with your friends and family. And I will see you next week. Bye-bye, guys. 


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Thank you for listening, everyone. And don't forget to go to the show notes and click to download your free Mindful and Energetic Living Guide. Also, don't forget to share this podcast with your friends, families, and everyone up there. I want to get this out there to everyone. So thank you for your support, and I'll see you next week.