Episode 11- “"How to Create Your Health and Wellness Vision..”

In this episode, I shared some tips in helping you guys create your Health and Wellness Vision for the year 2021. It's the perfect time to assess where you are right now and how you would like to see yourself as you go through your journey this year. As they say, a goal is a dream written on paper. Are you ready to be more mindful and intentional with your vision this year? Here are some points you will encounter as you listen to this podcast:

  • 2:03 - The What?

  • 4:02 - Your "focus word" of the year

  • 8:26 - The How?

  • 14:38 - The Why?

  • 19:47 - Recap

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See you in Episode 12!

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Episode 11-

Mariana 0:00  

Welcome back, everyone. Welcome to another episode. In this episode, I am talking about how to create your health and wellness vision. I'm excited about this episode because it is already the end of January. And I know that many of you are probably thinking about your health and wellness for 2021. So I created this episode to give you the steps on how to do that. So I hope that you enjoy this episode. And I'll see you there. So without further ado, let's get to it.


Intro Speaker  0:45  

Welcome to Mindfully Recharged with Mariana Thomas. In this podcast, Mariana brings you mindful conversations with people that will develop and recharge you from the inside out so that you can increase productivity in your personal and professional life. This is Mindfully Recharged.


Mariana  1:06  

Hello, everyone, and welcome back. Today, I want to speak into the vision for your health and wellness. So I'm calling this episode “How to create your health and wellness vision.” And what I want to focus on is to make sure that we recognize that health and wellness is not just about diet and exercise. Okay, so this is really important to remember. Diet and exercise are just small pieces of the puzzle. Let's focus on a bigger picture when it comes to health and wellness. And let's begin with the WHAT - What is your goal? What is the goal? Or what is the thing that you want to accomplish? And here, we need to be very specific. Is it a dress size? Is it going to be maybe I want to lose 50 pounds, 10 pounds, five pounds? I want to eat more vegetables? What is that thing that I want as a goal? Be as specific and visualize the end goal, and write it down. Sometimes we think about our goal, but we don't write things down to remind ourselves of what our goal is. So here, I'm going to ask you to please write it down. And sorry, my little throat has a little issue today, I had just come from being silent for six days. So just bear with me. And I was saying that visualizing our goal needs to be specific it needs to be read aloud. So make sure we do that. Then ask yourself, what do I need to do to get there? What is it that I need? What is that need to get to my goal? Okay, remember, that vision is conscious awareness. So what are we aware of that we want to accomplish?



So here is a hint for you: Think about a focus word. For example, my word for this year is flow. So with that, I'm even incorporating that into my health and wellness. So meaning that if there is a day that I cannot accomplish an hour of workout, because of time or because of whatever happened that day, I'm going to flow with that. I'm going to do at least 15 minutes. I'm going to do 20 minutes, 30 minutes, whatever it is that I can schedule into my day. It doesn't mean that I'm not going to do it. Okay. Flow doesn't mean that I'm just flying in the air and I'm just going with the flow and not accomplishing anything. That is not what I'm saying. I'm saying, I’m making room, where I can, to accomplish my health and wellness or whatever it is that I have as a goal. 



So words as “discipline”. So I just say, right, I'm going to schedule, even if it is 15 minutes or 20 minutes of movement, it's gonna require discipline. Maybe it'll require commitment, maybe require some energy. Because I don't have the energy that day. Okay, consistency.



So choose a word that applies to you, and take focus on that. So when you think about your goal, you go back to discipline, “Oh discipline is something that I need in order to accomplish my goal.” In order to accomplish the WHAT, right maybe is a commitment, maybe you have commitment issues, and you want to truly make commitment part of this vision for your health and wellness. Whatever that is, write it down, keep it with you. And make sure that you are applying that into your vision. 



The next thing is, how do you want to feel when you accomplish that goal? A year requires a lot of visualization, that’s how do I want to feel so you want to embody that person that has already accomplished that goal that you had described. How does the person feel already? Maybe unstoppable? Maybe it's something that you want to heal in your body? That is your WHAT, or your vision. And when you accomplish that, of how you want to feel, maybe you feel healed inside and out. Maybe confident? Maybe when you lose those 50 pounds, 30 pounds, 10 pounds, five pounds, you feel more confident to get into that beautiful dress that you have in your closet for, I don't know, a year or two that you haven't been able to wear. And you will feel confident putting on that dress. Maybe is that?



Now, let's go to the HOW. So, you will include how you want to get there. So remember, we just decided the WHAT, which is the vision, right? The WHAT - What is it that I want to accomplish? What do I need: confidence, self-control, whatever that is. Now, How am I going to get there? How am I going to accomplish my goal? It is with clean or wholeness food maybe? Maybe it’s adding more water into your diet? It all goes to the pain of what your goal is. If it is healing, something like a disease or something, what are the steps that I need to get there? Maybe you need to find a specific doctor or maybe a healer. I don't know what that is. But you need to ask this question to your own self. “How am I going to get there?” So this becomes a tool for you. A tool that you're going to use every single day to accomplish this vision, to accomplish your vision of health and wellness, and use that. So if it is water, how much water? Are you going to add into your diet every single day? If it's vegetables that you never, maybe you never eat them... Okay, maybe you don't eat red vegetables or green vegetables, maybe you decide you want to add more of that into your world, into your life. Whatever that is. And remember, it's not about diet or exercise. It depends on what you decided that your goal is. What is that thing that you want to accomplish? Okay, so that's the How. If so, if you decide that, let's say there is water that you can add, maybe you have a glass of water, an empty glass in the kitchen, that when you come downstairs from sleeping all night, or wherever - the first thing that you do is that you drink a glass of water. In my case, I bring water with me to my bedroom. So I know that the first thing I do when I get out of bed is drink water. For the record, I drink three glasses of water before I do anything, before I put anything in my mouth, any food. Okay, that is important to me. It keeps me hydrated, it’s part of my goal every single day. If it is, maybe you are working on other things, I don't know what you decide to do, maybe it's motivational work, that you need to play somewhere in your house or in your bedroom or on your computer to remind you of that How. So use a tool, use a tool that is going to help you to get to that specific goal. 



Now moving on, let me tell you why the HOW is important. The HOW is important because allows us to visualize and remind us about the everyday habit or routine that we need to do in order to accomplish our goal. And that's why I love the How. I keep a glass of water with me or my bottle of water. So if I see that it’s empty, it's a reminder that I need to add water. If you go to the grocery store, or these days like in my case, I'm getting a delivery, I got to make sure that I have certain things in my grocery lists that I need to add to my diet. I need to have a calendar to make sure that I accomplished the things that I need to accomplish throughout the week. So that's the How, right “How am I going to accomplish this?” If I can’t remember everything that I have for the week, I need to create a calendar. Same for your health and wellness vision: Anything that you need, you have to have the tool - the HOW, to get there. So we can have that reminder of the habits and routines that we need to get there. And obviously, I can go deeper into that but will be a whole program you guys. 



And finally, there is the WHY. There is the Why we have the Why. Include the reason. WHY is the reason that we want to do this. Why is the reason. Why do you want to accomplish this? Maybe there is you want to have a very good version of yourself. You want to be a better version of yourself, we all want to do that. Maybe you want to do this for your kids? So if it is that, place that picture of your kids close to you, close to that tool that you're going to use to remind you, of your WHY. It’s not just the outside, how am I going to look at my health and wellness? But just how am I going to feel? And why am I doing this? And the reason, the truth is that we don't do it just for ourselves, we got to start with ourselves because we are the most important person. So we can add value to others. Right? But the second reason is that we want to maybe spend more time with our kids, we want to have more energy for the work that we do more energy, so we can add value to people, whatever it is, include that into your vision. Maybe it is getting off a medication, maybe you have been taking some type of medication for a long time, and you want to take that off your life. Then write it out, write that down. Something that represents you taking that off from your life, is something that represents that Why? And here it is why we need the WHY. The Why is because some days that you and I - cuz I had those days as well - Don't feel like doing anything. We just feel like giving up. You will need to remember WHY you are doing this we will need to remember our Why. So this part is crucial. Especially if we have experiences in the past where we have setbacks that we have studied something, you know, every year, people have goals and resolutions. They are not accomplished, because they say only I'm going to lose 10 pounds this year and I'm gonna sign up to go to the gym every single day. But they don't even know why they're doing it. They just you know they just, it’s what they do every single year. So in January, they go to the gym. They go regularly maybe for a month or two. And then they fell off. And the reason why I'm telling you this is because I have seen it. I have worked in the health and wellness industry for a long time. And obviously in the personal growth industry, but the health and wellness. That is what happens. I saw this all the time. And I see it all the time. I don't know what's going on right now because as you and I know not many people is going to the gym at least I'm not just yet. So if you are one of those, your Why is so important. Why you are doing this? That is so important. And you have to remember your Why every single day. So you can stay in your habits, you can stay in your routine. 



So let's recap. We say that we needed the What, right that is our vision. What is our WHAT? What what are we going to do? What is that specific thing that we are going for? And guys, I don't like to say just guys, but we are, ladies and gentlemen, we need to really be specific. Because I think that will be a better thing. Than just say, I'm going to lose weight. When we say, okay, five pounds, don't become obsessed with like, “I'm a four and there’s still one more to go but Oh my god it’s not happening!”. Just relax, but have a goal. Have a specific thing that you are going for - that is your What. Then the How you're going to do that, you have to decide based on your What. Okay, what is your goal? What is it that I want to accomplish? So what is that How, how am I going to do that? Am I going to get up early? In the morning? You know, maybe an hour early? Am I going to sign up with a personal trainer? Am I, maybe it's none of that, maybe I want to meditate some more. And so I'm going to hire a meditation teacher. Maybe my health requires that I need more personal growth, you know, because I feel a certain way, and I need some mentorship. So I'm going to find a mentor, whatever that is, find that tool that is going to get you there. And finally your WHY. Why is the reason you are doing this for. Okay, why? Why? Why are you doing this? And remember guys that Why is probably the most important thing because they will keep us going. This is why I'm doing it. The Why is like that purpose of doing that. So if you answer all these questions, and you are as specific, I think you can have an amazing health and wellness vision for 2021. And so I wanted to do this episode before the end of the month. Because I know there are a lot of people in January thinking they want to take your health and wellness to the next level. So here you go. I hope that this serves you, I hope that you take my advice, and write these things down and get clear in your WHAT, your HOW, and your WHY. And with that, my friends. I'm gonna leave you. So, tune in next week, and I'll see you there. Bye-bye. 



Thank you for listening, everyone. And don't forget to go to the show notes and click to download your free Mindful and Energetic Living Guide. Also, don't forget to share this podcast with your friends, families, and everyone up there. I want to get this out there to everyone. So thank you for your support, and I'll see you next week.